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Looking into the Beyond - Karina Traxinger

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A medium is talking about her experiences and delivers spiritual instructions

The well-known medium Karina Traxinger is able to contact deceased persons. In her third book, she tells you about her encounters with the beyond and enables people who are mourning their beloved ones insights into a life after death. She talks about messages she received from the spiritual world and explains the work of a medium. Due to her experiences, she conveys hope and confidence that death is the beginning of a new life.

For people with mediumistic powers of their own and all those who want to find out about their supernatural abilities, she provides help and assistance concerning the beyond in an easy and comprehensible way. Karina Traxinger is a very kind-hearted medium, who wants people to know more about the afterlife.

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Ein Medium berichtet von seinen Erlebnissen und gibt spirituelle Anleitung

Das bekannte Medium Karina Traxinger ist in der Lage, Kontakt mit Verstorbenen aufzunehmen. Sie berichtet in ihrem dritten Buch von ihren Begegnungen mit dem Jenseits und gibt Menschen die trauern, Einblicke in ein Leben nach dem Tod. Sie erzählt von Botschaften, die sie aus der geistigen Welt empfangen hat und berichtet über die Arbeit eines Mediums. Durch ihre Erfahrungen vermittelt sie Hoffnung und auch Zuversicht, dass der Tod der Beginn eines neuen Lebens bedeutet.

Für medial veranlagte Menschen und all jene, die ihre eigenen übersinnlichen Fähigkeiten entdecken möchten, gibt sie Hilfestellung und führt den Leser leicht und verständlich in das Wissen der jenseitigen Welt ein. Karina Traxinger ist ein Medium das sehr viel Herzenswärme besitzt und es ist ihr Wunsch, dass die Menschen mehr über ein Leben nach dem Tod erfahren.

Karina TraxingerKarina Traxinger is a medium, who communicates with the spirit of deceased persons. She leads a normal life, however, she is not the normal woman of next door. Even as a child she had contacts with the world beyond which for many people is simply not comprehensible. In the course of her life her supernatural talent continuously developed. In the meantime, Karina Traxinger has become a well-known and successful medium in German speaking countries and abroad who wants to share her experiences.

In this books she talks about her work as a medium and how she copes with the world beyond. She encourages her readers to discover their own spiritual abilities and helps them learn for themselves how to contact the spiritual world.

Karina Traxinger has often proved that the deceased continue to exist and accompany us, even though they do not longer live in this world. Due to her talent she can help many mourners to see death and mourning in another way. At numerous performances during medial evenings she provided the proof that death is just the step into another world.

In a loving and understandable way she talks about her personal experiences and obstacles that may occur on this spiritual path.

Homepage from Karina Traxinger: www.mediale-herzensschule.de


Looking into the Beyond
Karina Traxinger

Magic Buchverlag
ISBN: 978-3-936935-70-7
Pages: 200
Format: 13 x 19 cm
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Looking into the Beyond
Karina Traxinger

Magic Buchverlag
ISBN: 978-3-936935-70-7
Seiten: 200
Format: 13 x 19 cm
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